Thursday, April 26, 2012

"Oops Paint"

Spencer's therapist told me this morning that most home improvement stores have what's called "oops paint". It's paint that consumers have returned for various reasons and has been steeply marked down.
I needed paint for a project and I went to check it out.
Menards Prices:
pint: .50
quart: 1.00
gallon: 5.00
five gallon bucket: 15.00

Brands and colors are all hit or miss. But it seems like people were more likely to return the expensive brands.

The therapist reports that some stores sell the gallon for $1! She also said that sometimes she's seen 50 choices. When I went there were about a dozen.

If you know the prices of other stores let me know! I have some major painting projects coming up. :D
I should mention the paint is non-refundable.

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